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Boston Children's Hospital, F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center

Himanish and Gergana's Wedding

Wedding party for Himanish and Gergana

Farewell party for GaYoung

Farewell party for Jarom and Erica

Congratulations to Dr. Jarom Chung, PhD

Congratulations to Dr. Ga Young Lee, PhD

Congratulations to Dr. 'no hysterica' Erica Gornstein, PhD

2016 Drinks at Sol Azteca

2014 apple picking

Farewell party for Rita

2014 Department Picnic

Winner of the Kirby Cup 2013!

Children's Hospital Neurobiology Department Picnic

All three BBS students passed the PQE!

Neurobiology Retreat 2012

Lab Canoe Trip 2010

Lab Canoe Trip 2012

Gulcin's Wedding in Turkey

Xinnan's Goodbye Party

Moving into CLSB